Hell yeah.

If you have made it to the “About” page of this newsletter, that means you have at least the tiniest bit of interest in me or its contents. That is fantastic news, friend.

The MezzaDigesta is a newsletter written by me, Joey Mezzatesta. A digest written by Joey Mezzatesta. Get it?

Each edition will be a bit different. Some will analyze the pop culture phenomena of the current moment (Alison Roman, Digesta 49). Some will be light and breezy and skip the serious stuff (like when I chronicled my frustrations with Swamp Ass way back in Digesta 7). Some will take hard stances (Drake’s “Toosie Slide” is a bad song, Digesta 47).

Hopefully, you’ll find a little something that entertains you in each one. I’d love to have you on board. Subscribe now, if you so choose!